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My name is Cecilia … I lived on the French Riviera my whole life. Having a (slight) addiction for travelling the world I can confirm that I absolutely love the area !

After a Tourism degree in 2008, I started organizing private tours for the family company. After a mother & daughter alliance for 10 years, we decided it was time for me to spread my wings !

Out of my passions for Life itself and discovering the world, the one above all others was always the english language. I spent quite some time in the US and travelling through the country was, without a question, my first trip on my own… Followed by many others…
What a great pleasure to get on the host side with anyone who wants to discover the wonders of the French Riviera !

Human connection, sharing Beauty and Joy are essential to me There was no better career to fulfill my aspirations.

Looking forward to meeting you …

Réalisation : Stephanie Schoene
Musique originale : Roméo Tonin

Life is a journey

After travelling on land for years, I decided to experience to live onboard a beautiful sailboat for new adventures...